A reconditioned bedplate from A&D Sales comes with our full twelve month warranty having been fully cleaned, inspected and put through a rigorous examination. Detailed checks ensure correct alignment, bore tolerances and material structure.

Our external and indoor lifting capacities both exceed 75 tonnes allowing us to handle large components. We also have specialist cleaning bays and blasting facilities for these designed for heavy components. We are able to supply bedplates for most of the Mirrlees K Major series from stock as well as other manufacturers.

Case Study

A power utility company in the carribean reported a failure on one of their Mirrlees Blackstone K Major generators. After investigation it was discovered that the bedplate and crankshaft were deemed beyond repair. A&D provided a full quotation for both a reconditioned crankshaft & bedplate combination from stock. The cost saving was approximately 60% in comparison to the engine manufacturer but the main benefit to the customer proved to be the quick response and availability that A&D could provide. The manufacturer had quoted a lead time of over 12 months compared to A&D who deliverd the bedplate and crankshaft within 4 weeks, guaranteed and inspected by an independent assesor.